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Interview / 24 October 2022

The Deauville Tattoo Festival is back at the Deauville Congress Center for a 5th edition

Meeting with Romain, organizer of the show: Could you talk to us about the festival and your attachment to Deauville ...
C.I.D / 28 July 2022

Let’s look at the highlights of the Francis Cabrel concert

On Sunday 5 June, the Deauville Congress Centre opened its doors for Francis Cabrel’s ...
C.I.D / 08 June 2022

The School Summer Games will take place in Normandy

The School Summer Games, the Gymnasiades, will take place in Normandy the from the 14 to 22 May 2022. Organised by the ...
C.I.D / 06 May 2022

Actuality / 22 April 2022

Actuality / 13 April 2022

10 days remaining to register for the Easter Classical Music Festival

For its 26th edition which will take place from the 16 April to 7 May 2022, the Easter Festival will bring together ...
C.I.D / 11 April 2022

Patrick Bruel' concert

On Saturday March 2022, the Deauville Congress Centre welcomed the much awaited Patrick Bruel !   The ...
C.I.D / 14 March 2022

Four brand new meeting rooms

This summer, the Kane, James Bond, Gatsby and Eve meeting rooms were renovated from top to bottom. These rooms are ...
C.I.D / 09 May 2020
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