Deauville Tattoo Festival
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Published on: 24 June 2021

The Deauville International Centre will host its first event since activities have resumed. We spoke to Romain, festival organiser, to find out more about the show.

Could you explain the concept behind the Deauville Tatoo Festival ?

The concept behind our festival is simple. We bring together famous tatoo artists from around the world with a public who dreams of getting a tatoo. Our event is a meeting place for artists and the general public, for amateurs and newcomers, people both curious or interested.

Is the Festival just centred around tattoos ?

No, we also have stands with clothes, jewellery and accessories.

Have you planned any activities during the show?

Of course! We’ve planned various activities around the theme of the 1950’s such as pin-up parades and exhibitions on American cars and bikes. There will also be competitions throughout the festival.

How can we contact you?

Here is our email where people can get in touch: 

Or with our phone numbers : 06 50 64 78 01 ou 06 24 83 15 28.


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