The Deauville Tattoo Festival is back at the Deauville Congress Center for a 5th edition
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Published on: 28 July 2022

Meeting with Romain, organizer of the show:

Could you talk to us about the festival and your attachment to Deauville ? 

The Deauville Tattoo Festival is an event that takes place over 2 days from 20-21 August 2022. Each year it welcomes numerous international tattoo artists as well as exhibitors of vehicles, clothes, piercings and jewellery. There is also a barber. A restaurant is also available for participants so that they can enjoy the event to the full. 

Deauville is where I grew up, which is why I decided to live here in 2014 and create my own salon called Deauville Ink. I organised the first tattoo festival in 2017 together with my friend Pitou, organiser of the Cezanne Tattoo Ink and owner of the TAP salon in Aix en Provence. Following this, I decided to concentrate uniquely on event organising. This allowed us to organise for the first time the Rouen Tattoo Festival this year. 


How many artists will you welcome for this new edition ?

For the 5th edition, we will welcome 320 International tattoo artists from around 30 countries. There are also around 50 exhibitors. This is the largest show that we have organised. For the occasion, we are welcoming guests such as Reese Hilburn, Alberto Escobar, Aron Is, David Muyayo, Thomas Carli Jarlier and his team and Animal Tattooer. Also present is the World Famous ink brand with their artists. 


Could you tell us about the different activities at the show? 

During the festival, the visitors will have access to various activities. Firstly, Pascal Tourain will be our host for this 5th edition. We will have the pleasure of welcoming Freaky Hoody, the most tattooed man in France, and Mathieu Stepson, an illusionist from Deauville who will present his show over the 2 days. To celebrate this 5th edition, a showcase hosted by Lord Kossity and Sinik will take place on the Saturday evening at 9pm. 

The visitors will also be able to see burlesque stripteases, Polynesian dances ( Tahiti Marquise Ballet) Tattoo competitions and several DJ’s hosted by DJ Steve Wells throughout the event. Finally, Fred Kyrel will be present to introduce ‘shibari’, a form of bondage using ropes. 


What are the opening times ?

The show opens its doors at 10 am on Saturday until 8pm on Sunday. 


How do we contact the organisation to exhibit at the festival ? 

For this 5th edition, the festival is full but you will be able to register for the 6th edition from October. 

You can contact the organisation at the following address :

Marie-Anne Blossier

Responsable Communication

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