Energy sharing between the pool and the C.I.D
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Published on: 22 November 2019

During the construction of the congress Centre in 1991, a thermal study was carried out in an effort to reduce the energy costs of the future building. As a result, a surprising and collaborative solution was found. An explanation by François De Neef, Head of the CRAM Operations Centre.. 

At the time, important energy saving work had been carried out the boiler toom of the Deauville Nautical Centre, making thermal power available to the C.I.D, assessed at 1.4 Megawatt thermal. In 1992, a network of heat distribution was set up between the two buildings in order to be able to share the energy production. Today, the C.I.D is still heated using the thermal energy from the Deauville Olymic Pool. A surprisng and pioneering energy-sharing idea for that time ! 

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