Jeff will run the 1st InDeauville International Marathon
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Published on: 14 November 2019

Our colleague and Technical Manager Jean-Francois  Vincent, alias Jeff, will represent the C.I.D at the next International Marathon in Deauville which takes place on the 17th November. 
This much awaited first edition ranks amongst the top 10 French marathons
The event has already been sold out for two weeks with 6,000 participants expected to attend. 

After Le Havre, Paris and Bangkok, Jeff will be running his 18th Marathon in Deauville. This fan has been running for 30 years! “ Despite being used to it, there is always an element of apprehension because it’s a real challenge for mind and body. As the race progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult to overcome the feeling of solitude"

Jeff is well prepared for the event, training three times a week and this year has already run in semi-marathons in Blonville, Caen and Trouville. “ My connected watch is my ally during the race as it allows me to maintain the right pace for my desired performance." 
Jeff has an advantage: "I know the route well and the towns that we will run through.

We will be following Jeff on the 17th November. He hopes to finish in 4h15-4h30. 
Let’s wish him the best of luck!

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Marie-Anne Blossier

Chargée de communication

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