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Published on: 11 March 2022

Meeting with Maryline SEPRE, Marketing Project Manager at Mercedes Benz France and Fanny QUENNOUELLE, Account Manager at Eventeam Agency, company and sporting events organisers.


The Mercedes Benz Trucks France convention has just come to an end at the Deauville International Centre, where more than 500 people were present for the occasion.


Maryline, Fanny, could you tell us a bit more about this event?


MS: The Mercedes Benz Truck Group wanted to organize a national sales and after sales event with the distribution network including: Sales managers, sales teams, workshop managers for the after sales, showroom managers… all of which represents a group of 530 people.


To do this, we launched a call for tenders and consulted three agencies: following our briefing, the three agencies all suggested Deauville!


We wanted to bring our group of over 500 people together in hotels close-by to allow people to move around by foot, this being one of the advantages of Deauville. Rather like Cannes where we organized a convention two years ago, we’ve found the equivalent here in Deauville.

The agency that we chose is called Eventeam, whom we already knew as they had organized an event two years ago for our group.


FQ: The Eventeam Group won the call for tenders for the organisation of this event, and we were delighted because we are faithful to the Mercedez Benz Trucks group.


The delegates at this convention had a genuine need to meet up, making for a dense number of people.


The timetable was quite busy: workshops, plenary meetings, dinner, and it was important to have hotels within close proximity.


Workshops in the sub-commission rooms were vital as we needed to divide the groups so that they could exchange more easily with one another.


To be able to meet all these requirements, we needed to find the right venue: Deauville and the International Congress Centre corresponded perfectly to the needs of Mercedes Benz Trucks.



MS: Our event was initially supposed to take place in February, but we decided to delay it until 9 -10 March because of the COVID pandemic. The CID supported us in our change of programme and  everyone played their part by adapting to our needs with great flexibility.


FQ: Indeed, everyone adapted to the situation, the catering services were carried out by Loison and the accommodation was organised in the Barriere Group Hotels. The Normandy, Royal and Golf Hotels. The congress centre was very helpful. Everyonr met all of our needs and were very responsive.


Which areas were used in the congress centre for Mercedes Benz Trucks?


MS: For the duration of the meeting, we were in a very pleasant area: large, spacious, we particularly appreciated the Michel d’Ornano auditorium, where the delegates were well seated. In some rooms it can be hard to see the screen, but here, everyone can see the stage well. (The auditorium was in a 500 person capacity configuration for this event).


I also had good feedback from the sub-commission rooms: The workshop organisers were delighted, as were the participants who also appreciated the meeting rooms: “They are brand new, very well fitted with tactile screens and perfect equipment.”


We also organised an evening event in the Tennis Hall 1 where we did something very original: we showcased our new electric truck E Actros Mercedes Benz on the evening.


FQ: we organised an evening around the new truck and were guided by the team at the CID who gave us several propositions for decoration.


The event in a word?


MS: A great success!


FQ: We worked with a fantastic team, very responsive and professional, and it was a great pleasure for us to work with the CID.


FQ: It was real teamwork, the success of the event was down to everyone and there was great team-spirit.


The team:


Emmanuelle Chénel, Marketing Manager, B to B – national


Aurelle Laplanche, Project Manager


Héloise Kozera and Jérôme Rigaux, Catering Managers


Quentin Schnellbach, Technical Manager

Marie-Anne Blossier

Responsable Communication

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