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Published on: 17 September 2021

ONET ensures the cleaning of 18000 m2 of surface in the Deauville Congress Centre. Among the service providers who work to satisfy the comfort of both clients and festival goers, we can cite ONET. For the last 10 years, a team of around 12 staff has been entirely dedicated to the cleaning of 18000 m2 of spaces in the CID. The team knows each centimetre of the Congress Centre by heart: Halls, auditoriums, meeting rooms, kitchens, sanitary facilities. One of the specificities of the building lies in the quality of the materials used for its construction. 12000m2 of the CID has fitted carpet. We also carry out operations at certain heights which require the capabilities of a mountaineer, particularly when it comes to the maintenance of the Napoleon style architecture on the walls of the Villa Le Cercle, or cleaning the 1500m2 of glass panes and the cupola which overlook the 14 meters of staircase in the CID. The ONET company also works to maintain and improve standards of sustainable development. "All the cleaning products that are used are ecological ». Human resources are still required to carry out waste sorting. 

Originally a French family company, ONET has now become an international actor in engineering and service. Work spaces, production, energy, transport, security, reception, logistics, airport services, engineering and nuclear sectors. More than 7000 ONET staff work daily to ensure a safe and clean environment. 

Amélie Durand

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