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Terms and conditions


Article 1 : Accession

The terms and conditions described hereafter specify the rights and obligations of the CID’s Management SAEM (mixed-ownership company), the Centre International de Deauville (C.I.D) and its client within the context of the provision of service described in the present quote. The signature of the corresponding quote consequently involves the unconditional acceptance by the purchaser of the present terms and conditions. 

In the case where the purchaser decides, during the course of the execution of the current quote, to be substituted by a third party, it will be the responsibility of that purchaser to inform the C.I.D of this beforehand; in this case, the organiser will remain solely responsible for the fulfilment of the clauses and conditions of the present contract and will remain the guarantor of the payment for the services ordered by the third party. 


Article 2 : Prices

The prices for the services proposed are those in force on the day of the signature of the quote and for services equivalent to those described in the quote. They are indicated in Euros and are calculated exclusive of VAT. Consequently, they will be increased at the VAT rate and by the transport costs applicable on the date of the order. They may be revised according to the evolution of the cost of construction index (on the basis of the most recent quarter known) for the spaces, and for the other services, the consumer price index. Any modification to the reference quote will be subject to a written addendum or cancellation accepted and signed by both parties.  


Article 3 : Terms of Payment

The payments must be made by bank transfer, cheque or banker’s card to the CID. Any costs linked to this payment will be payable by the purchaser. Upon signature of the order, the purchaser will pay one or several deposits according to the payments schedule specified in the quote or according to the same terms as in Article 4 of the reference CID contract.

No discount will be granted in the case of advance payment and the sums paid will not generate interest. 

At the end of the event, the CID will transmit a summary invoice corresponding to all the services supplied to the purchaser, i.e. the services as they are described in the quote and the signed addenda, along with the extra services ordered on site, and for which it was not possible to have a signed addendum. In any case, the C.I.D reserves the right to show by any means of proof available, at its discretion, notably by exchange of faxes or more generally written, the existence of any extra services that may be supplied to the organiser under the conditions established above.

In the case of delayed total or partial payment on the scheduled payment dates, the purchaser will pay to the C.I.D Management SAEM a penalty for late payment equal to three times the legal rate of interest. The retained legal rate of interest is that in force on the date of the delivery of the merchandise. 

This penalty is calculated on the amount inclusive of VAT of the sum remaining due, and applies from the scheduled date for payment of the price without any prior formal notice to pay being required.  

Over and above any penalties for late payment, any sum including the deposit not paid upon its due date will by rights incur the payment of a flat fee of 40 euros due in recovery costs (Articles 441-6, I alinéa 12 and D. 441-5 of the Code of Commerce).

If, in the fortnight following the implementation of the “Late Payment” clause, the purchaser has not paid the sums due the sale will be cancelled by rights and may entitle the CID to receive payment of damages under the conditions specified in Article 5 below.     


Article 4 : Purchaser’s Obligations

The purchaser commits to comply, and to have its personnel and the persons participating in the events comply, with the rules, the specifications and the terms and conditions of hire and those specific to the planned exhibitions and shows.

The purchaser will also comply with and enforce compliance with the legal and regulatory provisions concerning public morality, public order and the organisation of meetings and involving fire safety notably in establishments hosting members of the public and in particular those in Decree N° 73.1013 dated 31 October 1973 and in the legislation enacted for its application as well as the internal safety instructions. 

The C.I.D may remove any person whose attitude or clothing is judged to be incompatible with the dignity or the reputation of the establishment or of the town, or who refuses to comply with the premises’ policy. 

The C.I.D imposes the priority use of the technical material available in the establishment. The Auditorium of the C.I.D is equipped with Dolby ATMOS sound – adjusted by Dolby – technical teams external to the C.I.D are expressly and formally forbidden from touching, handling, or moving (any of) the 64 loudspeakers.

The C.I.D has the exclusive right to distribute drinks and organise coffee breaks, cocktail and other receptions. Catering will only be performed by a caterer accredited by the C.I.D. The list of accredited caterers will be transmitted upon request and any sales, catering, exhibition or distribution is forbidden within the C.I.D unless specific authorisation is granted in writing (beverages, food, publications, flyers and various sales). The introduction of dangerous materials is forbidden (gas, chemical products etc.) and will be subject to specific authorisation. The same applies to the use of fire or volumes of water.

Any recording of images or sound, any photography, any partial or total production is subject to written authorisation from the C.I.D, which reserves the rights to such. 


Article 5 : Cancellation or rescission 

In the case of a cancellation prior to the event by the purchaser of all or part of the services provided for in the quote or in the case of a rescission of the quote, these will result in the payment of all or part of the price, according to the payment schedule below.

If this cancellation is made:

Between the signature and one year before the event, 10% of the price;

Between one year and four months, 30% of the price;

Between four months and two months, 80% of the price;

Between two months and one month, 90% of the price;

Less than one month before the event, 100% of the price;

Except for study days, residential packages, provision of cocktail and coffee break services that may be adjusted, 5 days before the event within the limit of 5% of the number specified in the contract, above which the penalties will apply. Neither the C.I.D nor the purchaser will be held liable in the case of cancellation by either due to force majeure and extreme weather.  


Article 6 : Force majeure

The parties will not be held responsible if the non-performance or delay in the execution of any of their obligations described in the present terms and conditions results from a case of force majeure. In view of this, force majeure is defined as any external, unforeseeable and irresistible event as defined in Article 1148 of the Civil Code.   


Article 7 : Competent jurisdiction

Any litigation related to the interpretation and to the execution of the present terms and conditions is subject to French law. 

The place of execution of the services supplied by the C.I.D to the Organiser being exclusively Deauville and its region, any litigation arising in the execution of the present contract or any addenda to it will be subject to the exclusive competency of the Commercial Tribunal in Lisieux.

Jacques Belin
Managing Director

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