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Stephane Pronost, Deputy Director of the LABEO Research Centre- Olivier Colin, Vice President of the Calvados Region, and Romain Paillot, Head of  Equine Health research at LABEO and Director of GIS Centaure*, recently announced good news: The Deauville International Centre has been selected to host the IEIDC 2020. The 11th edition of the World Congress for Infectious Equine  Diseases will take place from the 28th September to the 2nd October 2020.

This Global Congress is of particular importance. After man, horses are the most frequent air travellers. Transportation can rapidly increase the spread of infectious diseases, and this should no longer hamper the world economy in the equine sector. Next September, the 500 most important specialists in equine infectiology and immunology will meet at the Congress Centre in Deauville. They will meet up for a week to share the latest developments in this field, and will address animal welfare and infectious equine diseases. The French National Commitee has good arguments to convince the IEIDC –  International Equine Infectious Diseases – to organise this large scale event in France and in Normandy, renowned for its horse breeding.

The idea came about in 2016 on the occasion of the 10th IEIDC Congress in Buenos Aires in Argentina. Stephane Pronost (Researcher at LABEO) and Romain Paillot, (former researcher at the Animal Health Trust in The United Kingdom and holder of the Equine Immunologie Excellence Chair Unicaen/LABEO) put forward France as candidate to organise the IEIDC congress 2020. There needed to be solid arguments against some stiff competition : Krakow in Poland, Nottingham, which has one of the world’s leading universities in the veterinary field, and Dubai, host city for the 1998 IEIDC. Well prepared by Eric Richard (Researcher at LABEO) and Guillaume Fortier (General Director for LABEO), the French Committee  highlighted the undeniable assets of France, and Normandy in particular.


Normandy, being in the centre of Europe, reduces travelling times. The region is a heavy weight in the equine sector. It is the first region for breeding, with no less than 115,000 equine animals on its territory, 18,000 directly linked jobs, 1 Competitive Hippola Centre, 5 renowned international research centres, with a turnover of 1.3 million. Moreover, the destination is steeped history and heritage, such as the Allied Landings of June 6 1944  largely contributing to its prestigious reputation. Finally, the choice of Normandy as a reputed region facilitates one of the major objectives of any scientific Congress, and that is to attract young researchers.

Having found the destination, it was still necessary to find the host town in Normandy. Deauville has all of its facilities concentrated in a few square kilometres : transport, good quality accomodation, reception areas and a congress centre. The C.I.D, with its expertise in large scale events, such as the G8 summit, the American Film Festival and the AVEF – French Equine Veterinary Association Meetings – seemed an obvious choice. Visiting Deauville last August, the International Committee delegation and its Professor, James Gilkerson- Director of the Centre for Infectious Diseases at Melbourne University in Australia, were impressed by the readiness to host the event and the investment of the teams at the Congress Centre. Furthermore, they underlined the excellence of the French Research teams in equine health at the Normandy Equine Vallée**.

Once the decision had been taken, the Deauville International Centre will host the 2020 IEIDC Congress. In the run up to the event, the local LABEO committee and their partner ANSES (Alfort Animal Health Laborotoy) with Dr. Stephan Zientara, are expanding their team. They are working on the organisation of 3 days dedicated to researchers, scientists and the much awaited «  Physicians Day » which will close the IEIDC Congress on Friday 2 October 2020.

Congratulations to the Local Organising Committee team, which allow Normandy and Deauville to be internationally recognised once again.
More information can be found on the website :
See the Press release
Sources :, Hippolia,

*Scientific group bringing together teams in Equine research fromThe University of Caen, from CIRALE envA, from Anses in Dozulé and from LABEO
** The Saint-Contest site hosts the LABEO teams, The University of Caen, The RESPE ( Epidemic-Surveillance in Equine pathologies Network), Equiways, Equibiogène and the Goustranville site hosts the teams from ANSES, CIRALE envA and the Research Unit of the Horse Racing Federation.

Karine Brouard

Sales manager

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