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The CID has adapted its events to meet health requirements

We met with Carine Fouquier, the Managing Director of the Deauville International Centre. 


We have had to adapt to the different sanitary measures that have been implemented by the government and the local authorities, as have many companies. We have been able to put into place the following measures :

The appointment of a Covid Manager
Regular cleaning and disinfection of all reception areas.
Hand sanitizer distributers in all the reception areas.
Controlled ventilation with 100 % air renewal
Flow direction floor markings
Information signs and regular messages to the public
Guidelines to be followed in case of suspected Coronovirus cases.
Compulsory masks and barrier methods to be applied everywhere.


The health reqiurements have changed during the Summer.
What impact did this have on the organisation of the Deauville American Film Festival ?

I remained in permanent contact with the Calvados authorities and with UNIMEV (The French Union of Event Management) who published sanitary guidelines, which were approved by the government.

We issued information that had previously been given, but emphisized the importance of wearing a mask in all areas of the CID and at all times : inside the CID, the Morney and the Casino Cinemas, and outside, around the red carpet area, whilst queuing and on the Festival terraces. (Masks could be removed when seated in restaurant areas). The capacities in the cinemas were adapted to meet the current health requirements and guarantee the safety of the festival goers : 50 % for the Casino Cinema, 60 % for the Morney and almost 70 % for the Michel d’Ornano auditorium in the Deauville International Centre.


Hand sanitizer was available at the entrances to the CID, the Casino and the Morney, as well as on the Festival terraces. Physical distancing was of course recommended.

Controls were carried out by the Calvados authorities and the Police during the festival, who welcomed the sanitary measures that had been put into place in order to receive the public under the best circumstances.

We thank the festival goers for their loyalty and for respecting all the safety measures.

Marie-Anne Blossier

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