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Art Shopping Deauville : a third edition soon in Deauville
11-13april 2020

Meeting with Myriam Annonay Castanet, Founder and Director of The  ARTSHOPPING contemporary art exhibition.

How did you create the concept of ARTSHOPPING ? 

The ARTSHOPPING exhibition has existed for 13 years. It was created following a sudden realisation: there were no events in France that brought together artists, art galleries and the public in one easily accessible event. Accessible in terms of price but also for the public to be able to meet with artists. At ARTSHOPPING, it is possible to be in direct contact with the artists, to acquire a work of art and to be able to understand the artist’s universe. 

So we decided to set it up two events in Paris, one in spring and one in autumn during the contemporary art week in Paris, at the same time as other events such as FIAC and Art Élysée. 

We created a unique concept “ ARTSHOPPING “ to make art accessible by creating a direct link with artists. 


How did you choose the venue for the first edition?

For any exhibition, both the timing and the place are fundamental. We chose a prestigious location for the artists, the galleries and the public. 
In Paris, we are at the Louvre Carrousel. It is a big financial investment for the organisers, but a strategic choice because we not only attract a population of artists and French galleries but also on an international level and a category of visitors who are sensitive to purchasing art work, who are not necessarily connoisseurs, but who wish to learn, have a certain art de vivre and maybe want to acquire a unique work. 

You then developed regional ARTSHOPPING exhibitions? 

Indeed, the expansion of ARTSHOPPING happened naturally as the demand for new destinations came from both the artists, the galleries and the public. 
Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse and Lille already have many artistic events. We decided to work with different sectors and publics. 
The first regional edition took place in Deauville after the town requested an event open to the general public to add to its cultural programme. The artists we work with quickly took to this destination because it is visited both by locals and Parisians who are attracted to this sort of event. Deauville has a very strong cultural programme: The cultural season, exhibitions and “Planche Contact “, however there were no events where it was possible to purchase art. In 2018, the first edition was launched. It was a real success, both with the visitors and the artists. 
With this Easter event, we hoped to attract local visitors and parisiens who were in Deauville and the surrounding area for the weekend, and who were in a recreational mood, so open-minded enough to admire artwork or even purchase something. 

Following the success of Deauville, we were approached by La Baule and Biarritz who were also looking to launch general public events. 
They appreciated the friendly and relaxed spirit of the event, offering the public a chance to meet, discover and buy works of art without having to travel too far. 
In La Baule and Biarritz we were warmly welcomed by the public, institutions and local partners alike. 

Why did you chose the Deauville Congress Centre?

We were seduced by the willingness and desire of the site to welcome ARTSHOPPING. The strategic location of the CID in Deauville is perfect. 
We were accompanied, helped and supported at all stages of the first edition and we felt a genuine wish to make the event a success. 
I appreciated the involvement of the teams and the good relationship that was established between us. I don’t feel as much a client at the CID as a partner! 

The event in a few words...

This event is above all a story of human relationships. It is rare and unique to be in direct contact with artists and our event provides the opportunity to meet and exchange with them. 

ARTSHOPPING will take place over the Easter weekend from Saturday 11 April to Monday 13 April 2020 at the CID. We are expecting to welcome 75 artists and have a programme of special events: street art- a live performance of national and local artists in this discipline and a photo presentation, in keeping with the “Planche Contact “ exhibition. 

The novelty of this edition will be a late opening on the Saturday evening to prolong the pleasure of artistic discovery! 

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Marie-Anne Blossier

Communication Manager

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