9th Congress of the Association of French speaking Orthodontists
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Published on: 29 March 2022

The 9th Congress of the Association of French speaking Orthodontists ( the AIOF) took place at the Deauville International Centre from 24 to 26 March in association with the Belgian Orthodontist Society ( SOBOR-BEVOR) and with participation of the French Paediatric Orthodontist Society (SFOP)


Which countries were present at this meeting? 

Elizabeth Falque- President of the association and the Congress: The congress brought together specialists from several French speaking countries: Romania, Congo, Algeria, Lebanon, Tunisia, France, Switzerland, Canada, Luxembourg, Greece. 

We are orthodontists and during this congress we approach the topic of medical science. This includes all the sciences that are used in orthodontics. What we are looking for in this sort of scientific meeting is to learn more about the field in which we work and this is never really talked about in other congresses. 


What is so special about this meeting? 

EF: We alternate between the workshops and the conferences in the Lexington auditorium with renowned experts, specialists at the heart of the AFM, The French Association of Myopathy, and the Myology Institute, and the exhibition hall. These events allow us to meet colleagues who don’t work in the same field as us and they teach us their language. We also meet service providers in the exhibition hall. For example, we were able to meet service providers who have created digital dental impressions from a pen with a built in scanner. This gives an instant digital photo which can be used either to make implants, for orthodontic work, such as printing 3D dental care products for example, without using plaster. This is state of the art equipment that is not yet available in dental practices. 


When will you organise your next congress? 

We are delighted to have organised this edition because we had been looking forward to it for 18 months. Our next meeting will take place from 2-4 May 2024 in Crete, Greece. 

Marie-Anne Blossier

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