General Assembly : Notaries from the Court of Appeal in Caen.
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Published on: 20 May 2021

Today, The Deauville International Centre opens its doors once again to welcome the General Assembly of Notaries from the Court of Appeal in Caen regrouping 380 notaries from the Calvados, Manche and Orne regions.

Emmanuel Porcq, President of the Chambre des Notaires is delighted to be present today in the Deauville International Centre. « We organise two General Assemblies per year, a statutory general assembly on one hand and prospective professional policy and activities in the Chambre des Notaires on the other. 

Our last General Assembly took place on the 11th September 2020 but there was not complete physical attendance because of health concerns. 

Today we bring together between 350-380 notaries and there were few conference rooms in the Calvados or the Orne areas that were able to welcome such a capacity under the current sanitary restrictions. 

The gauge of 1500 people in the Michel D’Ornano auditorium was very attractive for us because we were able to meet the current health requirements ( seating 1 in every 3, social distancing, compliance with safety measures..)


Marie-Anne Blossier

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