The Deauville International Centre reopened for the 2020 Company Representatives Seminar. 
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Published on: 03 July 2020

On 2nd July, the Congress Centre was delighted to welcome business leaders from the Normandy region for the 2020 Company Representatives Seminar, which is the first professional event since the end of lockdown. 

For the occasion, around 100 people gathered in the Sundance conference room at the Deauville International Centre. The area was set up specially to respect safe distances and the authorized number of people per square meter. 

In order to deal with the pandemic, the management of the Deauville Congress Centre has appointed a COVID manager and provides for regular cleaning of all the areas, a controlled ventilation system with 100% renewed air, informative signposting, a public address system, arrows to control flow direction, and distancing in queues ( masks are compulsory when social distancing is not possible).

In addition, the Congress Centre is fully equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers, available in the welcome areas. 

During this meeting, health guidelines imposed by the government did not prevent the participants from meeting in a convivial atmosphere. Jean-Pierre LEDUC, President of MEDEF in Normandy, underlined the importance of face-to- face events, « a real sign of optimism ». 

The next event to take place at the Deauville Congress Centre is the American Film Festival from the 4-13 September 2020. 

Karine Brouard

Responsable Commerciale Normandie – Congrès Scientifiques

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