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Published on: 18 June 2020

Cooking brings people together and the French are passionate about it, as witnessed by the huge audiences for reality shows such as Top Chef or Best Pastry Chef. The Autour d’un Evénement agency saw this potential and adapted it to business incentives. It was a success! We interviewed Claire Honoré, Sales representative for Autour d’un Evénement. 

You regularly organise amazing cooking challenges for your clients at the CID. These competitions include making the best Layer Cake in teams and within an allotted time. Team spirit and hands-on enthusiasm are required to make the perfect Layer Cake. 

1. Why do you think that this concept is so successful ? 

The cooking challenge is a fun and creative team building experience. It is the only team building experience in France that allows participants to create a cake with four layers! We offer five different ’theme cakes’: Travel, Fashion, Sport, Marvel characters and Cinema. 

The participants are divided into teams in different work areas with all the necessary professional utensils and ingredients and they follow the instructions given by our pastry chefs. No cooking or preparation is necessary, just the sponge cakes and cream to assemble and the pastry figurines to be shaped. Cake making allows everyone to have a different role and builds team spirit. 

2. What memories do participants have of this experience ? 

They have faced a big challenge! Certain participants are afraid to begin with but are very satisfied by the end. 

Moreover, coming together to cook creates real complicity between people who did not previously know one another, and establishes team spirit which will be useful to them in business. The participants go home feeling amused, challenged and proud!


3. What format would you recommend to create a good atmosphere at this kind of event? How many people should there be and how long should it last ? 

Activity leaders are available to make everyone laugh and feel comfortable, and also to remind them how much time they have left! The pastry chefs are also present to give advice and judge the best cakes for the prize ceremony. 
A cameraman films the participants throughout and this is then projected live onto a big screen. 

Mathieu Pitois

Responsable commercial agences / B to B / congrès - national

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