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Our commitments to deal with the Covid19


In order to deal with the pandemic, the management of the Deauville Congress Centre has appointed a COVID manager and provides for regular cleaning of all the areas, a controlled ventilation system with 100% renewed air, informative signposting, a public address system, arrows to control flow direction, and rules of conduct to be followed in the event of suspected coronavirus, wearing of personal protective equipment and application of barrier gestures... In addition, the Congress Centre is fully equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers, available in the welcome areas. 


Shared values of the C.I.D

A spirit of service, sharing, integrity and courtesy are the four fundamental values upon which the C.I.D has built its work ethic. The event organiser is at the heart of his event. A quality control survey is submitted at the end of each event. It is analysed and treated in a continual quest for improvement.


A venue committed to sustainable development

The C.I.D supports sustainable development. This commitment is at the very heart of the C.I.D which is built to preserve the beauty of the seafront. After each event, the teams try to improve the management processes and ensure a process of waste management. They shorten the supply chain by using locally based providers who share the same values in terms of service and corporate social responsibility. Deauville is part of the 9 experimental territories selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will participate, via the C.I.D, in the ISO 20121 certification scheme- Responsible International destinations.

We take your views into account, and we systematically question our clients after an event. This is precious for us and is at the heart of our continual improvement process. The satisfaction surveys are published on-line. In 2018, 97 % of our clients said they were satisfied with the C.I.D.


The congress centre is ISO 20121 certified

In 2018, the Congress centre of Deauville obtained the ISO 20121 certification, a responsible management regulation applicable to event organisers.
This regulation sets out guidelines and principles for event management, and the impact it has on our society and environment. It affects the organisation at the heart of the C.I.D but also the businesses involved in our supply chain : Restaurant owners, stand constructors, printers, transporters. It is this cooperation between all the actors of the C.I.D’s « ecosystem » that gives it its driving force.


The first « Secure-Site » venue

The Deauville International Centre is a site that is frequently visited by tourists. The protection of the public necessitates close collaboration between the C.I.D, the city of Deauville and the State. The convention established between these two actors allows us to mobilise all the necessary human and material ressources to ensure the safety of the events. 
This initiative was recognised  by obtaining  the “secure-site” certification in December 2018. The Deauville Congress Centre is therefore the first site in the Calvados area to be awarded a certificate for its commitment to safety. 


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We are commited to being easily reachable and we do everything in our possibility to advise you and answer you questions as quickly as possible. The sales team will contact you within 48 hours.


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