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A hybrid event: combining the real and the virtual

from 69 € HT / PERS

30 to 1000 persons

The hybrid event…..a well established practice in the United States, its development has become widespread in France and Europe following the introduction of social distancing measures put into place as a result of the recent health crisis.

The idea behind the concept is simple: The event is divided into two. One part takes place at the Conference Centre, the other is digitised. The conference is attended on-site by one part of the delegates, in the full respect of security measures. The other participants follow the conference simultaneously, but from a distance, via a streaming platform. Technological advances are such that data security is ensured.

  • Videoconference

This solution is reserved for small groups in discussion workshops. Care must be taken in reducing the number of people to no more than 25 to ensure optimal exchange. Cameras and speakers installed in the meeting room will broadcast the conference instantaneously via a USB interface.
The videoconference is followed using calling services such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Skype, Google hangouts Meet, Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting…….

  • Personalised Streaming Platform

This solution is effective to bring together larger groups of participants. Create your very own steaming platform which reflects your corporate image. A main window shows the principal conference speaker, as well as the slide-show which is broadcast simultaneously. This can be completed using easily downloadable documents, and activities which encourage interaction, such as voting, questions and surveys.

  • Secure voting during your General Assembly meetings.

Don’t postpone or suspend your voting. Transform it into a hybrid event. We take care of setting up a secure remote voting system with duel authentication. This term may not mean much to you, but you already use it without knowing it. For example, your bank sends you a code to secure your on-line purchases. As well as your traditional identification and access code, a second validation proceedure is carried out with the reception of a unique code sent by text message. The system that we offer to secure your data is called A2F.

  • Broadcast your conferences in several places at the same time.

Receive and share video content in high resolution in several places at once. There is no limit to the number of participants, using single or multi cameras.

* Prices from 69 euros for the rental of the fully equiped Tootsie meeting room

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