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Created in the 19th century by the Duke of Morny, Deauville has conserved all of its elegance and prestige. This small town of 4000 inhabitants has been able to find the right balance between protecting its cultural heritage and developing its infrastructure. It is this splendour and historic character that make Deauville a renowned destination on an international level.

In terms of business tourism, the town provides opportunities to all of those who wish to experience an event. Its facilities make it a key destination in France, being the only town in Normandy that is able to offer accomodation and restaurants and allow large groups to work thanks to its wide variety of hotels, from 2 to 5 star, its casinos, reception areas, with everything concentrated within 4km2. The C.I.D Congress Centre is at the heart of the welcome strategy for large scale events. Its 18000m² of ingeniously hollowed out structure situated between the Casino and the Seafront Promenade, reclaimed from the sea, allows the town to capture important markets, such as international political meetings. Deauville as a destination attracts international leaders who stay during major summits.

2003 : Finance Ministers Meetings

Germany, Canada, The United States, France, Italy, Japan, Russia and The United Kingdom met in Deauville in 2003 at the time of the French Presidency of the G7/G8 meetings, two weeks before the Summit of Heads of State and Government in Evian.

2008 : G27 Ministers of Defence Summit

The 27 European Defence Ministers met to discuss the issue of strengthening military capabilities.

2008 : Meeting of NATO’s International Directors

2010 : G3 Summit

This security meeting, which  brought together Nicholas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel and Dimitri Medvedev aimed to strengthen EU-Russian relations. During the summit, an important decision was taken to integrate Russia into the next Atlantic Alliance Summit in Lisbon. In the closing conference, the heads of state said that they had greatly enjoyed their stay in Deauville.

2011 : G8 Summit 26 -27 May

President Nicholas Sarkozy welcomed the heads of state of the most industrialised countries for the yearly G8 summit. The choice of Deauville as a destination was based on undeniable qualities : exceptional facilities, considerable expertise in hosting major international events as well as a pro-active tourism policy which prioritises hospitality, meetings and culture in an unspoilt setting.

Amélie Durand

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