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La plage de sable fin de Deauville

Deauville... the name of this seaside resort in Normandy inspires beauty, elegance, art of living... So much so that Deauville has become a brand! In 2022, the town of 4,000 inhabitants welcomed 17,700,000 visitors. It is at the top of the rankings: a romantic destination, one of the most popular cities in France and Normandy... The city owes this attraction to its preserved heritage and its dynamism: there is always an event in Deauville, exceptional places to visit, activities to enjoy with the family... Deauville has not finished surprising you!

Upcoming events
L'auditorium Michel d'Ornano - Centre International de Deauville

Deauville American Film Festival

Cinema is the DNA of the CID Deauville. Inaugurated in 1992 by Clint Eastwood, the Convention Center is co-organizer of one of the biggest cinema events: The Deauville American Film Festival. This 10-day event brings together film enthusiasts, celebrities and guests every evening: The CID Deauville is proud to have you participate in this event that grows year after year.
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The program of the moment

Shows, con­certs, fest­ivals… the Deau­ville Con­ven­tion Cen­ter opens its doors to the gen­er­al pub­lic! Dis­cov­er the upcom­ing events at the CID Deauville.

  • 22 October 2023

    Patrick Timsit Show — 20 : 00

    Show 1500



    “Farewell… per­haps. Thank you…for sure.” A farewell show. Rather than leave my audi­ence by text mes­sage, I pre­ferred to do it with a show. After 35 years togeth­er, it was the least I could do.

    At first, I thought I’d do a best of of of my sketches, think­ing that my audi­ence would be happy to hear them, and I’d be delighted to per­form them.

    Then I said to myself, “I’d have to do 2 or 3 new things… but since I’m greedy, I added a few more… and from little new things to little new things, I ended up with a new show.

    Doing one last show to say good­bye to your audi­ence is obvi­ously very inspiring.

    And as it’s my last show, I was a bit shy in my pre­vi­ous shows, so I obvi­ously let myself go a bit…

    My farewell is real. But all I want is for no one to believe me when I leave the theater!

    Ten good reas­ons to stop and then go.

    Farewell… per­haps.


    Thank you… for sure


  • 26 October 2023

    Michel Boujenah Show — 20:00

    Show 1500

    Les adieux des mag­ni­fiques — Part 1 — (The Mag­ni­fi­cent Saga, brought up to date)

    Theat­er is both eph­em­er­al and etern­al. A long time ago, I wrote a phrase that could be my coat of arms:

    “As long as there are authors to write us and act­ors to play us, we’ll be eternal”.

    So I’ve decided to say good­bye to the char­ac­ters I love so much. Maxo, Julot, Guigui, my three little trouser sales­men. My three her­oes in an adven­ture where what they have to save is memory. They’re funny and mov­ing. They’re the ima­gin­ary ver­sion of my father­’s gen­er­a­tion. Long before the Inter­net and everything else, they wor­ried about wheth­er they’d be remembered two or three gen­er­a­tions from now. They often say:

    - “In two or three gen­er­a­tions Les mag­ni­fiques? Les mag­ni­fiques? … Isn’t that a brand of cheese?”

    The gap between them and their grand­chil­dren is such that they’re sure they’ll dis­ap­pear. But God will come to their rescue.

    And so, through their char­ac­ter­ist­ic laughter and humor, they will fight and, of course, win.

    “You can­’t know where you’re going if you for­get where you came from”.

    So they’re her­oes on a par with Sparta­cus or Sky­walk­er or Ulysses. Of course, it’s a new ver­sion filled with new things, simply because times change. And then comes per­haps the most beau­ti­ful of all:

    “SIMONE BOUTBOUL” She’s going to talk with her grand­chil­dren and great-grand­chil­dren about today’s world.

    You may well ask your­self: “But is it funny?”

    Come and see.

    Love to you all.



  • From 27 to 29 October 2023

    Art Shopping Deauville

    Trade Show 1000

    ART Shop­ping’s found­ing object­ive is to place con­vi­vi­al­ity and the rela­tion­ship between the pub­lic, the artist and the gal­lery at the cen­ter of the pro­ject, by high­light­ing the determ­in­ing influ­ence of the fair in the pro­mo­tion, shar­ing, meet­ing and explor­a­tion of the French and inter­na­tion­al art scene.

    To the Art Shop­ping website

News & Events

Fol­low the news of the events at CID Deauville.

Deauville, a city on foot

Deauville can be visited on foot! All activities are concentrated on 4Km². Its large beach is bordered by 653 meters of boards and cabins, a mythical promenade to be discovered just a few steps from the Centre International de Deauville.

Coming to Deauville
Les planches de Deauville au petit matin

Deau­ville’s Area of Archi­tec­tur­al and Her­it­age Enhancement

This urb­an plan­ning doc­u­ment helps main­tain the value of the prop­er­ties and the qual­ity of life. More than 300 vil­las have been lis­ted, some of which date back to 1864, when the sea­side resort of Deau­ville was founded.

643 meters of the myth­ic­al Deau­ville boards

Since the 1990’s, the biggest stars invited to the Deau­ville Amer­ic­an Film Fest­iv­al have come to inaug­ur­ate the beach cab­ins bear­ing their names. As you walk along the myth­ic­al prom­en­ade of the Planks, you will read about 200 names of celebrit­ies who came to the Festival.

Deau­ville, ‘innov­at­ive sus­tain­able destination

Ini­ti­ated by France Con­grès et Événe­ments, the “innov­at­ive sus­tain­able des­tin­a­tion” approach is struc­tured around 9 pilot ter­rit­or­ies, includ­ing the city of Deauville.

To find out more about this initiative

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