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Organize a gala evening in Normandy

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    Deau­ville: Inter­na­tion­ally renowned sea­side resort
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    Eleg­antly designed spaces
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    At CID Deau­ville, each pro­ject is unique! 
Hall 1 - Soirée de gala au C.I.D

Your gala evening at the Deauville Convention Center

Why choose Deauville for your gala evening

Your even­ing event should be a mem­or­able event, an excep­tion­al celebration.
Deau­ville is the ideal des­tin­a­tion for a gala even­ing in Nor­mandy if you wish to organize :

  • A gala even­ing less than 2 hours from Par­is : Deau­ville’s geo­graph­ic­al loc­a­tion in the cen­ter of Nor­mandy is optim­al. Deau­ville is access­ible by pub­lic trans­port, by plane and via the A13 motorway.
  • A sea­side gala : ima­gine gath­er­ing your guests on the ter­races of the CID, on the seafront, a stone­’s throw from the beach of Deau­ville and its fam­ous “Planches”…
  • An event all on foot : once in Deau­ville, par­ti­cipants can quickly reach all the event ven­ues for a gala even­ing all on foot: hotels, meet­ing rooms, recep­tion venue…
  • Make a last­ing impres­sion and cre­ate a sur­prise : Deau­ville is an inter­na­tion­ally renowned des­tin­a­tion that con­veys an image of excel­lence and reflects your com­pany’s val­ues. Deau­ville gives your busi­ness event an offi­cial and pres­ti­gi­ous character!

    The choice of the CID Deauville for your gala evening from 50 to 4500 people

    The Nor­mandy con­ven­tion cen­ter is the place to host a gala even­ing in Deau­ville: The Centre Inter­na­tion­al de Deau­ville has the mod­u­lar spaces to host mem­or­able gala evenings:

    • The CID’s sea­side ter­races are open to the organ­iz­a­tion of galas in Normandy
    • The large exhib­i­tion halls, for large-scale pro­fes­sion­al events
    • Or the Villa le Cercle, a recep­tion ven­ue for a gala even­ing in a warm and intim­ate atmosphere
    • Recep­tion areas com­ple­ment­ary to the event: spaces for con­fer­ences, sem­in­ar rooms, private rooms for groups, colloquiums…

    Vis­it the CID Deau­ville’s spaces

    Soirée sur les terrasses sous la tente cristal
    Dîner dans les halls du C.I.D
    BabXIII - halls du C.I.D
    Soirée de gala à la Villa Le Cercle

    The support of CID event professionals for your gala in Normandy

    An exper­i­enced event team will help you choose the ven­ue that will make the most of your guests’ minds at your gala in Deau­ville. An event pro­ject man­ager and a stage man­ager will accom­pany you for your organ­iz­a­tion­al solu­tions and choices:

    • The choice of the theme of your event: movie night, casino night, beach night…
    • The imple­ment­a­tion of the anim­a­tions of your even­ing: DJ, music­al group, photo booth…
    • The choice of the best loc­al and region­al cater­ers for your gala din­ner: seated meal or stand­ing cocktail,
    • Install­a­tion of audi­ovisu­al equip­ment, sound sys­tem, dance floor…

    The Deau­ville Con­ven­tion Cen­ter is a ref­er­ence for the organ­iz­a­tion of a gala even­ing: the CID has many spaces to organ­ize your gala even­ing, and has the event expert­ise for a tail­or-made solu­tion. Indeed, the Centre Inter­na­tion­al de Deau­ville offers you the pos­sib­il­ity of organ­iz­ing a cus­tom­ized gala that reflects your per­son­al­ity and your val­ues on the Côte Fleur­ie in Calvados.

    What do our clients say?

    Browse through all the cli­ent testimonials

    Décorations du hall 1 pour un événement
    Stitched Panorama
    • Nicolas Lizart

      Secretary General - MEDEF

      Organizing an event, even an ambitious one, at the C.I.D. is very easy, the teams go out of their way to meet our requirements, which can be strong and late! The pressure on the organization is reduced and it is very appreciable.

    • Agnès Violet

      Director of Operations WMH Project

      Annual medical congress at the CID in Deauville at the beginning of May 2022 with 350 participants. Very well equipped and clean venue. A very professional team, attentive to the client's needs, both during the response to the AO and on site, showing great flexibility and knowing how to take our needs into account,
      Proposing solutions, always available. The technical assistance of quality also showing flexibility. The catering team was also available, with carefully prepared buffets, respecting the schedules.
      In short, a big thank you to all. We really feel a positive, benevolent and respectful spirit in this company.

    • Sandrine Christoph

      Assistant to Vincent Guiraud Chaumeil General Manager of the French subsidiary

      An incredible place whose geographical uniqueness is a major asset. A young, agile and efficient team, always attentive to our needs and reactive throughout the event. Our success is also yours, thank you.

    Choose a committed and sustainable venue for your corporate gala

    By choos­ing an ISO 20121 cer­ti­fied Con­ven­tion Cen­ter, you ensure that you are work­ing with a com­mit­ted and respons­ible ven­ue for your cor­por­ate gala. This stand­ard was born in June 2012, before the Lon­don Olympic Games, and integ­rates sus­tain­able devel­op­ment into the event busi­ness.

    The CID Deau­ville works in con­stant col­lab­or­a­tion with the City of Deau­ville, the secur­ity ser­vices and the State: the Nor­mandy con­ven­tion cen­ter is cer­ti­fied Safe Con­gress and Sécuri-site to guar­an­tee the safety of par­ti­cipants in pro­fes­sion­al events.

    Learn more about our eco-respons­ible commitments

    • How to successfully organize a gala evening

      The objectives of the gala evening can be multiple. It is an event of great importance, organized to share an essential information, to celebrate a date or an important success:

      • A company anniversary, to value and thank your employees
      • An inauguration party or product launch
      • To celebrate the conquest of new markets or new partnerships
      • A fundraiser during a charity gala
      • Rewarding participants during an awards ceremony

      In general, the gala evening is beneficial to your brand image, it allows you to bring together all the actors of the company's success: the employees, the distribution network, the sales force, the partners, the service providers, the institutions... to leave a positive memory in their minds.


    • How to organize a gala evening?

      The gala evening represents a real organizational challenge. It requires the completion of several essential steps:

      1. Establish the objectives of the gala evening
      2. Establish the guest list and the number of participants for the gala
      3. Define the budget for the event
      4. Choose the ideal location for your gala evening
      5. Define the theme, the atmosphere of the evening and the entertainment
      6. Develop the program for your gala evening
      7. Send the invitations
      8. Think about the communication before, during and after the event to optimize the impact of your professional event


      1. The choice of the venue for the gala evening

        For the organization of an exceptional professional event such as your gala evening, bet on :

        • a place to host major international trade shows and galas. You will benefit from the advice of a specialized event team, for a classic ceremony or an original service!
        • a venue that is easily accessible and convenient to offer your guests the ease of travel. Check the availability of transportation and the distances to be covered by the participants of your gala,
        • a venue that meets the highest standards: your goal is to dazzle your guests with a memorable gala! The CID Centre des Congrès de Deauville benefits from the prestigious image of the resort of Deauville, and is one of the best convention centers in France to organize an unforgettable event.

        The gala evening is an essential event in business tourism. This exceptional event reinforces the positive image of your company, take care to choose an accessible and idyllic reception venue. Your gala evening must take place in a place that reflects the image of the company and the exceptional character of the event. Let an event team accompany you to ensure the success of your event !

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