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The team for your events at CID

The CID: a specific know-how in the field of events

The exper­i­ence in event organ­iz­a­tion allows a qual­i­fied team to real­ize a tail­or-made ser­vice: the per­fect event that will remain in the memory of all participants!

Since 1992, the CID Deau­ville Con­ven­tion Cen­ter has spe­cial­ized in organ­iz­ing all types of events in France: trade shows, con­ven­tions, sem­inars, con­fer­ences, study days, con­ven­tions, cor­por­ate meet­ings, team-build­ing, gala even­ings, fest­ivals, etc. With nearly 140 events organ­ized each year and a high cus­tom­er sat­is­fac­tion rate, the CID is one of the best con­ven­tion cen­ters in France.

The event team of the CID Deauville Convention Center

  • Direction

    • Carine FOUQUIER​
      Carine Fouquier​ Executive Director
    • Bruno VILLAVERDE
      Bruno Villaverde Deputy General Manager — Administrative and Financial Director
    • Lisa TERRIER
      Lisa Terrier​ Executive Assistant — CSR Project Manager
  • Accueil billetterie

    • Karine Charron
      Karine Charron Reception and ticketing manager
    • Bénédicte Papoz
      Bénédicte Papoz Reception and ticketing manager
  • Administration

    • Nadège FROMONT - Cheffe comptable
      Nadège Fromont Chief Accountant
    • Stéphanie Goubin
      Stéphanie Goubin Management Controller
  • Commercial

    • Pauline Decanter
      Pauline Decanter Sales Manager
    • Karine Brouard
      Karine Brouard Sales Manager for the West — Scientific Conferences
    • Anastasia Chaplain
      Anastasia Chaplain Sales Manager Agencies — B to B National
    • Axel Chaplain Sales assistant
    • Emmanuelle Chenel
      Emmanuelle Chenel Sales Manager Agencies — B to B National
    • Grégory Fournière
      Grégory Fournière Sales assistant
    • Héloïse Kozera
      Héloïse Kozera Sales Manager Normandy — North
    • Frédérik Mesquida Catering manager
    • Olivia Trouvain
      Olivia Trouvain Catering manager
  • Marketing — Communication

    • Marie-Anne Blossier
      Marie-Anne Blossier Communication Manager
    • Amélie DURAND
      Amélie Durand Marketing Manager
    • Jeanne Herbet Communication assistant
  • Exploitation — Bâtiment

    • Armelle Tiennot
      Armelle Tiennot Director of Operations
    • Quentin Schnellbach
      Quentin Schnellbach Event Operations Manager
    • Sophie Breard
      Sophie Breard Project Manager
    • Marine Campain Assistant project manager
    • Océane Canonne Junior Project Manager
    • Julia Coté
      Julia Coté Project Manager
    • Joël Daubichon
      Joël Daubichon Technical coordinator
    • Paulo Dos Santos
      Paulo Dos Santos Operations manager and electrician
    • Christophe Leroux Project Manager
    • Dominique Fouquet
      Dominique Fouquet Project Manager
    • Sophie Goemaere
      Sophie Pitois Project Manager
    • Allison Hervouet
      Allison Hervouet Project Manager
    • Aurelle Laplanche
      Aurelle Laplanche Project Manager
    • Michaël Ondet Operations Associate
    • Sonia Planteblat
      Sonia Planteblat Secretary Operations
    • Jean Porreye
      Jean Porreye General manager

Professionals of event organization at your disposal in Normandy

Depend­ing on your mar­ket­ing object­ives, the struc­ture of your com­pany, the size and type of event you wish to organ­ize, you can either form your own event team or call upon an event agency that man­ages sev­er­al events per year for its clients.

Your event team will be led by the event coordin­at­or: a key role of con­duct­or. Once the brief is done, the event coordin­at­or sets up an event strategy. He takes into account the fin­an­cial con­straints and dead­lines, selects the recep­tion ven­ues and sets up the event pro­gram that meets your object­ives. He looks for ser­vice pro­viders and super­vises the event’s progress.

At the Centre Inter­na­tion­al de Deau­ville, our event team assists the event coordin­at­or. Our know­ledge of Deau­ville and our expert­ise in the build­ing are invalu­able in select­ing the spaces that best suit your needs and your budget.

Vis­it the CID Deauville

An accompaniment throughout your event at the Palais des Congrès in Deauville

Are you in charge of organ­iz­ing a con­gress? Take advant­age of the advice and expert­ise of an exper­i­enced team at the Deau­ville Con­ven­tion Cen­ter, for a unique event:

  • An all-walk event in Normandy,
  • An eco-respons­ible event,
  • The CID has expert­ise in organ­iz­ing sev­er­al renowned events, includ­ing the Deau­ville Amer­ic­an Film Fest­iv­al.
  • The host­ing and organ­iz­a­tion of events is sub­lim­ated by the CID’s spaces
  • The CID is acclaimed for the qual­ity of its event plan­ning team
  • Bene­fit from the sup­port of the Mar­ket­ing and Com­mu­nic­a­tion depart­ments to com­mu­nic­ate about your event with the loc­al and region­al media.

The CID is a qual­i­fied team of event organ­iz­a­tion pro­fes­sion­als who will accom­pany you from the con­cep­tion of your event to its unfold­ing for a mem­or­able event !