Organize a trade show in Normandy

  • Accessibility

    The CID Deau­ville is loc­ated 2 hours from Par­is, near the free­way and the Trouville-Deau­ville train station
  • A dedicated team

    The CID Deau­ville team will accom­pany you from A to Z
  • Elegant spaces

    Upgrade your trade show with CID Deauville
Le Centre International de Deauville vue du ciel
Espace Jack Valenti - C.I.D
Congrès dans les halls 1&2 au C.I.D

Organize a trade show in Deauville by the sea

The CID Deauville is an easily accessible venue

Access­ib­il­ity is essen­tial when organ­iz­ing a trade show. Sev­er­al tens of thou­sands of vis­it­ors can come to the event: it is essen­tial that as many par­ti­cipants as pos­sible can eas­ily and quickly access the pro­fes­sion­al meet­ing place. Deau­ville is loc­ated in the cen­ter of Nor­mandy, the city is access­ible from :

  • The A13 free­way : Loc­ated at 2 hours from Par­is, the des­tin­a­tion is ideal for the organ­iz­a­tion of a pro­fes­sion­al meet­ing out­side the cap­it­al, the place for a pro­fes­sion­al exhib­i­tion at less than 2 hours from Paris;
  • The Trouville-Deau­ville train sta­tion, and the pos­sib­il­ity of char­ter­ing trains;
  • Deau­ville Nor­man­die and Caen-Car­pi­quet air­ports;

Once arrived in Deau­ville, the par­ti­cipants of the pro­fes­sion­al meet­ings can cir­cu­late without encum­brance towards the place of event: This city of 4000 inhab­it­ants is con­cen­trated on 4Km2, with a hotel capa­city of more than 2 200 rooms just in the city and many park­ing spaces: The concept of the event all on foot takes all its dir­ec­tion in Deauville!

Organiser un salon professionnel à Deauville en bord de mer

Le CID Deauville est un lieu facilement accessible

L’accessibilité est prim­or­diale pour l’organisation d’un salon pro­fes­sion­nel. Plusieurs dizaines de mil­li­ers de vis­iteurs peuvent se rendre à l’événement : il est prim­or­di­al que le plus grand nombre de par­ti­cipants puisse accéder facile­ment et rap­idement au lieu de ren­contre pro­fes­sion­nelle. Deau­ville se situe au centre de la Nor­man­die, la ville est access­ible depuis :

  • L’autoroute A13 : Située à 2h de Par­is, la des­tin­a­tion est idéale pour l’organisation d’une ren­contre pro­fes­sion­nelle en dehors de la cap­itale, le lieu pour un salon pro­fes­sion­nel à moins de 2h de Paris ;
  • La gare Trouville-Deau­ville, et la pos­sib­il­ité d’affréter des trains ;
  • Les aéro­port Deau­ville Nor­man­die et Caen-Car­pi­quet ;

Une fois arrivés à Deau­ville, les par­ti­cipants des ren­contres pro­fes­sion­nelles peuvent cir­culer sans encombre vers le lieu événe­men­tiel : Cette ville de 4000 hab­it­ants est con­centrée sur 4Km2, avec une capa­cité hotel­lière de plus de 2 200 chambres rien que dans la ville et de nom­breuses places de park­ing : Le concept de l’événement tout à pied prend tout son sens à Deauville !

le choix du lieu idéal pour organiser votre salon professionnel
Forum dans les halls 3&4 du C.I.D
Forum dans les Halls 3 et 4 du CID Deauville © G. Isaac

CID Deauville : the ideal place to organize your trade show

The Deau­ville Con­gress Cen­ter is loc­ated between the Planches de Deau­ville and the Casino Bar­rière Deau­ville. It is the ideal choice of loc­a­tion to attract par­ti­cipants and part­ners of a trade show.

The Nor­mandy Con­ven­tion Cen­ter has the mod­u­lar space to host large trade shows:

  • More than 7,000m² of exhib­i­tion halls : fully car­peted spaces;
  • Con­gress rooms and aud­it­or­i­ums to organ­ize large conferences;
  • PRM/HD access is facil­it­ated : a per­son with reduced mobil­ity can eas­ily cir­cu­late alone in all areas of the trade show.

Vis­it the CID Deau­ville areas

Surface des halls d'exposition du CID Deauville
Hallraw surfacenet surface
Hall 1 thalasso1 3781 235
Hall 1 tennis1 4721 364
Hall 2 thalasso649604
Hall 2 tennis697653
Hall 3603524
Hall 41 2651 200
Montage d'un événement dans les halls du CID Deauville
Mont­age d’un événe­ment dans les halls du CID Deauville

CID Deauville assists the trade show organizer from A to Z

Pre­par­ing a trade show is tedi­ous. The event team at the Nor­mandy Con­ven­tion Cen­ter puts its skills at the ser­vice of the trade show organizer:

  • Choice of spaces to optim­ize the flow of visitors,
  • Recep­tion, tick­et­ing, accom­mod­a­tion,
  • Staff recruit­ment,
  • Gen­er­al install­a­tion of the stands,
  • State-of-the-art audi­ovisu­al equip­ment,
  • Organ­iz­a­tion of con­fer­ences and workshops,
  • Cater­ing : Lunches, breaks, cock­tails, din­ners and gala even­ings,
  • Anim­a­tions

Logist­ics are facil­it­ated for trade show exhib­it­ors : the deliv­ery dock is adja­cent to the large exhib­i­tion halls to optim­ize load­ing and unload­ing times: a real asset for pre­par­ing a busi­ness show.

  • Organisation d'un salon dans les halls 1&2 du C.I.D
  • Préparation d'un salon dans le hall 1 du C.I.D
  • Les quais de livraison du C.I.D
Salon dans les halls 1 et 2 du centre des congrès Deauville © S.Vervisch

The CID Deau­ville: a com­mit­ted and sus­tain­able ven­ue for a trade show

Par­ti­cipant safety and sus­tain­able devel­op­ment are at the heart of the CID Deau­ville’s strategy. It is also Safe Con­gress and Sécuri-site certified.

Learn more about the com­mit­ments of the CID Deauville

  • Why organize a trade show?

    In the business tourism sector, trade shows are essential professional events.
    A trade show is an event that sometimes brings together an entire economic sector, the benefits of these professional meetings are important, participation in a trade show can :

    • Achieve your business objectives by meeting prospects and customers. The trade show allows you to increase the visibility of the companies present. Promote your company and its products to find prospects and customers and increase sales ;
    • Meet all the actors of the sector : suppliers, partners, institutions.. ;
    • Discover new solutions and anticipate developments ;
    • To address major issues and solutions with expert speakers ;
    • Choosing a venue for a trade show

      A thematic trade show is an event that requires a large space to accommodate all the exhibitors, as well as to organize conferences, lunches, parties ... A trade show organizer will therefore choose a location among the destinations with an exhibition center or a convention center. Among the probable locations of the event, he will focus on the following criteria:

      • The attractiveness and accessibility of the city: The partners and participants of the show must be seduced by the chosen destination to optimize the attendance of the business show, the suitability of the locality for the event will be one of the main criteria taken into account;
      • Convenience of the location: Accessibility must be optimal. The location of the business event must have adequate transportation and parking capacity nearby;
      • A place with a capacity adapted to its event: the exhibition area must offer enough space for all the stands and easy circulation of visitors;
      • A place to host large international trade shows: the trade show organizer will choose one of the best convention centers in France to organize a successful trade show;
      • An experienced event team to accompany the organization of the professional event at every stage;

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