A look back at the “Congrès des Notaires”

119eme Congres des Notaires de France, Deauville, 27 au 29 septembre 2023. photo Tim Fox

A look back at the “Congrès des Notaire”, with Barbara SIMON, Head of Communications & Publications at the “Association Congrès des Notaires de France” (A.C.N.F.).

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The 119th Con­grès des Notaires took place in Deau­ville from Septem­ber 27 to 29, 2023, under the theme of hous­ing: “The duty to do bet­ter, the right to do differently”.
A major event where 5,000 del­eg­ates enjoyed Des­tin­a­tion Deau­ville and dis­covered or redis­covered the Deau­ville Con­ven­tion Centre.

Could you tell us a little about the event?

The “Con­grès des notaires” is an annu­al event held in a dif­fer­ent French city.

It takes place over 3 days and includes

  • A con­tinu­ous exhibition
  • A 1st day devoted, this year, exclus­ively to train­ing sessions
  • 2 oth­er days devoted to plen­ary ses­sions, vot­ing on pro­pos­als and offi­cial speeches.
Éric DUPONT-MORETTI — Keep­er of the Seals of France, min­is­ter of Justice 
Phil­ippe AUGIER — May­or of Deauville 
Édou­ard PHILIPPE — Former Prime Min­is­ter of France, May­or of Le Havre 

What was the aim of this national congress?

To bring togeth­er the entire not­ari­al pro­fes­sion to train, exchange ideas and vote on a series of pro­pos­als to improve the right to hous­ing and pro­fes­sion­al prac­tice by not­ar­ies, before passing them on to the pub­lic author­it­ies. Nearly 130 legis­lat­ive and reg­u­lat­ory texts res­ul­ted from the work of the con­gresses.

Who were the participants and where did they come from?

All par­ti­cipants were pro­fes­sion­als from the not­ari­al and leg­al professions.

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Why Deauville?

When Deau­ville hosts events, it becomes a “con­ven­tion” town, where all urb­an spaces are trans­formed and adap­ted to exchanges.

All the play­ers mobil­ize to adopt the col­ors of the event and ensure a high level of services.

What’s more, the CID itself is ideally loc­ated both in the city cen­ter and on the seafront, sur­roun­ded by a large hotel com­plex and all amen­it­ies, mak­ing it easy to get around in a tightly-packed area where everything can be done on foot.

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