Ravel’s Bolero dance gala to be held at the Centre International de Deauville

Affiche pour le Bolero de Ravel

The dance show: Bolero de Ravel will take place next weekend — Saturday 15th April 2023 at the Palais des Congrès in Deauville.

The con­ven­tion centre will host this unfor­get­table pro­gramme in its Michel d’Or­nano aud­it­or­i­um, in a 523-seat con­fig­ur­a­tion, dur­ing an even­ing of enter­tain­ment that will com­bine with ori­gin­al­ity and grace a con­tem­por­ary cre­ation with extracts from the great bal­lets of the clas­sic­al repertoire.

The production is directed by the former Maurice Béjart

Dan­cer François Mauduit, sur­roun­ded by pres­ti­gi­ous per­formers from La Scala in Mil­an, the Par­is Opera and the Bor­deaux Opera.

“After hav­ing had the chance to per­form Maurice Béjart’s ver­sion many times, François Mauduit took over Ravel’s fam­ous Bolero to cre­ate his own ver­sion in 2015, which com­bines the ori­ent­al influ­ences of the music, the suave and Span­ish col­ours of its orches­tra­tion and the exulta­tion of the bod­ies so dear to the energy of the troupe. (Télérama)

Fran­cois Mauduit tells the news­pa­per Le Pays d’Auge that “This dance gala retraces 17 years of its rep­er­toire. The even­ing will offer the pub­lic a sampling of our entire rep­er­toire, which we want to defend. The numer­ous extracts will high­light the qual­it­ies of the com­pany, both artist­ic­ally and from a purely dance point of view.

Reserve your place now for this dance show on Sat­urday 15 April at 8.30pm at the Pal­ais des Con­grès in Deauville!


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