50th Congress of the National Union of Landscape Companies

Événement au C.I.D
Événement au C.I.D

Meet­ing with Mari­on Montabord, Event Com­mu­nic­a­tion Man­ager for the 50th Con­gress of Unep — Uni­on Nationale des Entre­prises du Paysage.

Could you describe your recent congress at the Palais des Congrès in Deauville?

We were organ­iz­ing the 50th con­gress of the Unep — Uni­on Nationale des Entre­prises du Pays­age — for 3 days. This year, the main theme was “mak­ing land­scape com­pan­ies the key play­ers in the envir­on­ment and biod­iversity”, organ­ized around 450 del­eg­ates, mainly heads of com­pan­ies in the land­scape sec­tor, some­times com­ing from all over France with their employ­ees. We were also able to organ­ize an accom­pa­ny­ing pro­gram for the par­ti­cipants’ wives and hus­bands. They were able to dis­cov­er the treas­ures of Nor­mandy: a vis­it to the Grain­dorge cheese fact­ory, lunch at the foot of the stills — Dis­til­ler­ie Pierre Huet, a vis­it to the castle of Crèvecœur and a vis­it to the town of Hon­fleur where the pic­tur­esque streets and the old basin lined with res­taur­ants are only a few kilo­met­ers away from the Inter­na­tion­al Cen­ter of Deauville

How did the congress unfold?

The con­gress star­ted on Thursday, Decem­ber 1st with our wel­come even­ing at the Villa le Cercle where we ded­ic­ated all the rooms to the organ­iz­a­tion of this con­vivi­al even­ing, gath­er­ing our con­gress­men for a cock­tail party around Nor­mandy culin­ary workshops.

The fol­low­ing two days, our event was divided into plen­ary ses­sions and work­shops. We used the large Michel d’Or­nano aud­it­or­i­um to bring togeth­er all our mem­bers in a 523-seat con­fig­ur­a­tion, then sev­er­al com­mit­tee rooms such as Toot­sie, James Bond, Gatsby and the Gilda room.

On the last day, we wanted to organ­ize a plen­ary ses­sion in a flat format gath­er­ing our par­ti­cipants around round tables (cab­aret format) so that they could exchange around par­ti­cip­at­ive work­shops, it was a very con­vivi­al moment!

We then invited our great wit­ness Yves Par­li­er, a great sail­or, to share his exper­i­ence on innov­a­tion. He was the win­ner of the Route du Rhum, the Transat Jacques Vabre and the Solit­aire du Figaro, and he par­ti­cip­ates in the evol­u­tion of high level sailing.

L’aud­it­or­i­um Michel d’Or­nano pendant un événement 
Récep­tion sous la ver­rière du C.I.D
Une voile 

What is special about your event?

I think that like many events organ­ized at the Pal­ais des con­grès de Deau­ville, we can describe our event as 100% pedestrian.

The “all on foot” argu­ment was really import­ant to us. We wanted a des­tin­a­tion where it was pos­sible to stay with­in walk­ing dis­tance of the con­ven­tion cen­ter. The advant­age of hold­ing an event at this time of the year is also the free park­ing at the lais de mer for people arriv­ing by car and the prox­im­ity of the train sta­tion for our par­ti­cipants trav­el­ling by train and then on foot.

Con­grès de l’UN­EP au Centre Inter­na­tion­al de Deauville 
Récep­tion au C.I.D
Salle de récep­tion Villa Le Cercle 

Why did you choose the CID?

The place is emblem­at­ic and so is the des­tin­a­tion. We had the chal­lenge of bring­ing par­ti­cipants from all over France, so we chose a city of renown.

Dur­ing this con­gress, we have evolved in spaces that can accom­mod­ate all of our del­eg­ates: Villa le Cercle de Deau­ville, Casino Bar­rière Deau­ville and the Pal­ais des con­grès which is loc­ated a few steps from the beach which is also an advantage.

To know more about the Nation­al Uni­on of Land­scape Companies ?

We rep­res­ent more than 30,050 com­pan­ies ded­ic­ated to the cre­ation, main­ten­ance and devel­op­ment of land­scaped areas and gar­dens, serving com­pan­ies, loc­al author­it­ies and individuals.

These com­pan­ies are mainly involved in

  • the cre­ation, devel­op­ment and main­ten­ance of parks and gar­dens, sports grounds, aquat­ic environments;
  • plant engin­eer­ing and eco­lo­gic­al engin­eer­ing works;
  • the install­a­tion of integ­rated water­ing and light­ing systems;
  • interi­or landscaping;
  • the veget­a­tion of ter­races and roofs;
  • prun­ing, mowing ;
  • forest refor­est­a­tion;

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Espace de réception du 50e congrès de l'UNEP

  • Événement au C.I.D
  • Salle de réception Villa Le Cercle
  • Une voile
  • Réception au C.I.D
  • Congrès de l'UNEP au Centre International de Deauville
  • Réception Villa Le Cercle
  • Congrès de l'UNEP
  • Réception à la Villa Le Cercle
  • Rafraichissements lors d'une réception
  • Service de boissons au C.I.D
  • Un espace pour les photos
  • Réception sous la verrière du C.I.D
Événement au C.I.D Salle de réception Villa Le Cercle Une voile Réception au C.I.D Congrès de l'UNEP au Centre International de Deauville Service de boissons au C.I.D Réception sous la verrière du C.I.D
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