Review of the HP seminar at the Centre International de Deauville

La salle Batman
La salle Batman

Meeting with Julie Auroux, HP Trade marketing Manager:

This Thursday, Septem­ber 29, HP organ­ized a sem­in­ar at the CID — Pal­ais des Con­grès de Deau­ville -. “This meet­ing is exclus­ively inten­ded for retail­ers, those brands that sell our HP products to the gen­er­al pub­lic. Fnac, Darty, Boulanger, Auchan, Elec­tro Dépôt, Cdis­count, Amazon, Car­re­four, Leclerc… were invited to dis­cov­er HP products with­in 3 well-defined uni­verses. Object­ive: to put HP com­puters, print­ers and accessor­ies in a home situ­ation, and to illus­trate the daily life with the products of the range.

2 days of assembly were neces­sary to con­fig­ure 4 spaces of the CID — Pal­ais des Con­grès de Deau­ville -. The multi-pur­pose Sund­ance space was set up as a plen­ary ses­sion, to allow HP exec­ut­ives to wel­come retail­ers and inform them of the brand’s main guidelines.

The 70 par­ti­cipants then dis­covered 3 meet­ing rooms of the CID — Pal­ais des Con­grès — totally trans­formed into immers­ive workshops:

The life­style show­room was set up in the FALSTAFF meet­ing room. An ener­giz­ing liv­ing room with green tones was staged: a kit­chen, a lounge, a din­ing room and a table soc­cer. These 120m² sym­bol­ized the ver­sat­il­ity of HP’s products, used on a daily basis, to con­sult the Inter­net, to work, to play in all the rooms of the house…
The Gam­ing show­room was set up in the SCARLETT meet­ing room: HP set up a 134m² space with red accents ded­ic­ated to young gamers, where we could dis­cov­er a teen­ager­’s room, a priv­ileged tar­get of the HP Victus range products.
The blue Hybrid Works show­room took place in the 125m² BATMAN meet­ing room: the com­pany’s work was staged with open space offices, a bar or a meet­ing room…

La salle Batman 
La salle Fal­staff Falstaff©CID
La salle Falstaff 

“With these work­shops, our cus­tom­ers have the oppor­tun­ity to dis­cov­er and redis­cov­er our product range, we con­vey our key mes­sages and val­ues. We high­light our Instant Ink sub­scrip­tion ser­vice, includ­ing deliv­ery and recyc­ling of ink cart­ridges and toners for indi­vidu­als and professionals.”

The sea­side resort of Deau­ville and the C.I.D. — Pal­ais des Con­grès de Deau­ville — were chosen for their imme­di­ate prox­im­ity to Paris.

“Deau­ville is 2 hours from Par­is, with hotels close to the con­ven­tion cen­ter. The set­ting is idyll­ic for a sea­side sem­in­ar in Nor­mandy. We offer our par­ti­cipants a real moment of escape. Moreover, the lay­out of the spaces at the C.I.D — Pal­ais des Con­grès — is flex­ible and the teams are respons­ive and pleas­ant. What we appre­ci­ated at the Centre Inter­na­tion­al de Deau­ville was the pos­sib­il­ity to per­son­al­ize the spaces as we wished, we were able to add the desired light, the lay­out was adap­ted to our requests.

The C.I.D team dur­ing the HP seminar:

Aure­lle Laplanche, Pro­ject Manager

Jean-François Vin­cent, Gen­er­al Manager

Héloïse Kozera and Jérôme Rigaux, Catering

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  • La salle Scarlett
  • La salle Batman
  • La salle Falstaff
La salle Batman La salle Falstaff
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